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1976 Laguna Frame or Rolling Chassis

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1976 Laguna Frame or Rolling Chassis  Empty 1976 Laguna Frame or Rolling Chassis

Post by REVINKEVIN / Mr. 600+HP Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:24 pm

Hey. I am putting this in the General forum for now to gauge interest and to see if anyone needs something like this. I have almost finished my spare frame with all my new parts. When I take the body off the frame it has now and install my spare frame I will be left with a 95% complete rolling chassis. The parts I stole are: rear lower shock mount bolts, steering box, front brake tabs, a couple of brackets, and not much more. It would come complete with brakes, suspension, rear end, steering linkage, sway bars, and some surface rust. Frame is straight and I would include 3 Rally wheels and 1 bastard wheel because I can't find my other Rally. I would like to see this go to someone here who needs it. I don't want to part it out because that would be work that is not fun for me. I try to avoid that. Let me know if you have some interest in this. If you come help me do the frame swap I might give it to you.
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