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Help me find my Cutlass?

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Help me find my Cutlass? Empty Help me find my Cutlass?

Post by MichiganMuscle77 Sun Jun 26, 2022 12:47 pm

Hi everyone, I haven't logged into this site in 12 years and at this moment, I'm throwing a hail-mary.

I had a 77 Olds Cutlass Supreme that I stupidly sold in 2011. I'm desperate to find it again, if it's still out there somewhere.

I last had contact with the guy who bought it from the guy I sold it to in 2014. I've just emailed him and am waiting to hear back, hopefully that lead will pan out.

But here's my biggest problem - I don't have the VIN. I cannot find ANY paperwork regarding that car, I know I didn't dispose of old registration or anything but I just cannot find it.

I added the car to a registry and this is the only bit of the VIN I can recover: 3M57R7GXXXXXX.
I entered the entire VIN to the registry, and it was decoded with these options:
A31 - Windows - Power Side
AM6 - Seat - 40/60 with Center Arm Rest
AU3 - Door Locks - Power
B96 - Wheel Opening Molding
C41 - Heater - Standard
C49 - Rear Window Defogger
C60 - Air Conditioning - Standard
D34 - Visor Vanity Mirror
D41 - Rear Quarter Ash Tray
JL2 - Front Disc Brakes - Power
K30 - Cruise Control
L34 - Engine - 350 CID V8 - 4-Barrel
M38 - Transmission - Automatic TH-350
U27 - Glove Box Lamp
U58 - Radio - AM-FM Stereo
U76 - Windshield Antenna
U80 - Rear Speaker
UE8 - Clock, Digital
V1V - Front Licence Plate Bracket - Delete

I don't know it's possible to reverse-engineer the VIN by looking at these options, but there they are.

The Cutlass had a Chevy 350 with a mild cam, flowmasters, had been repainted at some point with some body filler and black undercoating. I owned it from 2007 to 2011 in Lansing, MI and sold it to a guy out of Detroit, and the next owner was in Jackson, MI. Lost track of the car from there.

Help me find my Cutlass? UvIJSqr
Help me find my Cutlass? MbN8t80

If anyone can offer me ANY advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. It may not have been in the best condition, and I know people have their issues with the chevy motor (I didn't do it!!), but it will stand as a lifelong regret that I sold it. I feel like I need to exhaust every possible effort to find it again before I can let it go... unless I'm lucky enough to buy it back.

Thank you in advance.

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Help me find my Cutlass? Empty Re: Help me find my Cutlass?

Post by 77camino Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:04 pm

I can feel your pain. I sold my first El Camino in 1987 and regretted it ever since. I was lucky enough to find an exact duplicate in 2000. If you still have the same insurance agent, I would call them to see if their records go back that far and get the vin number. Best of luck finding it.
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Help me find my Cutlass? Empty Re: Help me find my Cutlass?

Post by Limey SE Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:11 pm

Man I remember that Cutlass Buddy good to see ya come Back

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One Mild original
one Wild NON original
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Help me find my Cutlass? Empty Re: Help me find my Cutlass?

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