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Needed to buy a new tire

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Needed to buy a new tire Empty Needed to buy a new tire

Post by zucchi Tue Jun 11, 2024 6:31 pm

This passed Thursday, I heard an odd noise followed by a ticking sound coming from one of my wheels shortly after I left work. I immediately stopped and upon examination, I discovered this sticking out of my tire:
Needed to buy a new tire 20240612

Needed to buy a new tire 20240610

Whatever that thing was, it was in there but it didn't seem to be leaking air. Nevertheless, I went ahead and got the spare & jack out of the trunk and changed it so I would feel safer for the drive home.

The next day, I took it to the tire shop and this is what the other side of that thing looked like:
Needed to buy a new tire 20240613

The diameter of that thing was just a shade more than my pinky finger. The tire shop said it was too big to patch so I got a new tire… which they had to order. On Monday, I got it installed.

I've never had anything that big make its way into any of my tires. Like they say, there's a first time for everything.
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