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Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip

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Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip Empty Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip

Post by knightfan26917 Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:51 am

After my 11/11/2011 open heart surgery, I drove for the first time, 12/15/2011. I had a rush of excitement when I pulled my 1979 Caprice Classic out of the garage, where it had been with my 5 MCs. As I drove down the road, my thoughts turned to other cars, particularly ones I'd love to purchase...
...mid-late 1970s LTD/Thunderbird
...1975 Caprice Classic convertible
...1976 Caprice Classic sedan
...1989 Caprice Classic sedan
...1987 MC SS Aerocoupe
...2011 Dodge Charger
...& too many others....

Then, during that same drive, I wondered what it'd be like to have KITT, KARR, Herbie, the General Lee, Jim Rockford's Pontiac, Starsky & Hutch's Torino, & a host of other "starring" vehicles ALL in the SAME television show or movie.... I blame it on the drugs.

What I DO NOT blame on the drugs are thoughts for a POTENTIAL "Post-Surgery Party", a return to hosting my CD SHOWCASE radio show, & my 2012 road trip, fueled in part, by finding this ... Kermit & Fozzie in the 1979 Muppet Movie, Movin' Right Along....


If only I could figure out a way to be on the radio &/or "on the road" 24/7/365...!

I'm not sure if I'm going to throw a party to celebrate. I had a blast at the Pre-Surgery Party, but that was before "winter".

IF I do this, it'll probably be SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2012. Who would be IN?

I'm looking into hosting regular versions of my radio show, CD SHOWCASE.

Are you interested in supporting it by becoming a business FEATURED on the RADIO SHOPPING SHOW? If so, please contact me for details:

Brian, Atlanta GA:
"Cort's CD Showcase is what radio SHOULD be!"

I lost 5 of my 15 vacation days due to my 11/11/2011 OHS, so it'll be a shorter journey.... IF it works out, I will follow the ROUGH schedule/outline below, arriving home before the LAST birthday of my 30s.

Any thoughts/suggestions about the schedule or route? Want to meet up along the way? Let me know, please!

Day 1, Saturday, 09/01/2012:
Elgin IL
central/Decatur IL
St Louis MO

Day 2, Sunday, 09/02/2012:
St Louis MO
Little Rock AR
Memphis TN
Jackson TN

Day 3, Monday, 09/03/2012:
Jackson TN
Big Sandy TN
Nashville TN
Birmingham AL

Day 4, Tuesday, 09/04/2012:
Birmingham AL
Tallahassee FL

Day 5, Wednesday, 09/05/2012:
Tallahassee FL
Orlando FL
Atlanta GA

Day 6, Thursday, 09/06/2012:
Atlanta GA
Greenville SC
Charlotte NC
Bridgewater VA

Day 7, Friday, 09/07/2012:
Bridgewater VA area

Day 8, Saturday, 09/08/2012:
Bridgewater VA
Alexandria VA
Baltimore MD
Philadelphia PA/NJ/NY

Day 9, Sunday, 09/09/2012:
Philadelphia PA/NJ/NY areas

Day 10, Monday, 09/10/2012:
Philadelphia PA
Binghamton NY
Buffalo NY area

Day 11, Tuesday, 09/11/2012:
Buffalo NY
Holsopple PA
Pittsburgh PA

Day 12, Wednesday, 09/12/2012:
Pittsburgh PA
Akron OH
Columbus OH

Day 13, Thursday, 09/13/2012:
Columbus OH
Indianapolis IN
Fort Wayne IN
Detroit MI

Day 14, Friday, 09/14/2012:
Detroit MI
Traverse City MI

Day 15, Saturday, 09/15/2012:
Traverse City MI
Elgin IL

Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic
CHD.MCs.CC + RoadTrips.hobbies.RadioShows.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort
"Getting there is half the fun" __ The Muppets, Kermit & Fozzie __ 'Movin' Right Along'
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G3GM Senior Member

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Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip Empty Re: Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip

Post by Tom77 Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:23 pm

Keep me in mind when you get to Indy. We'll do lunch. Looks like that's about your timing.
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Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip Empty Re: Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip

Post by knightfan26917 Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:58 pm

Ghost Rider wrote:Keep me in mind when you get to Indy. We'll do lunch. Looks like that's about your timing.


Yes, indeed! Lunch sounds good to me! Will be great to meet you.

I need to STOP looking at cars for sale....


This is scheduled, for a week later ... ~5:30p-10:30p, SATURDAY, 02/11/2012.

I posted a thread here:


SAT, 09/01/2012
~8a leave Elgin
~noon arrive central/Decatur IL
~2p leave central/Decatur IL
~6p arrive STL MO (after stops along Route 66)
VIA ... IL RT 64 W ... I-39 S ... I-55/rt 66 SW

SUN, 09/02/2012
~7a leave STL MO
~2p arrive Little Rock AR
~3p leave LR AR
~6p arrive Memphis TN
~8p leave Memphis TN
~10p arrive Jackson TN
VIA ... I-55/rt66 SW ... I-40 W ... I-40 E

MON, 09/03/2012
~10a leave Jackson TN
~noon arrive Big Sandy TN
~2p leave Big Sandy TN
~4p arrive Nashville TN
~6p leave Nashville TN
~9p arrive Birmingham AL
VIA ... I-40 E ... US-641 N ... US-641 S ... I-40 E ... I-65 S

TUE, 09/04/2012
~11a leave Birmingham AL
~5p arrive Tallahassee FL
VIA ... I-65 S ... US-231 S ... I-10 E

WED, 09/05/2012
~6a leave Tallahassee FL
~11a arrive Orlando FL
~1p leave Orlando FL
~9p arrive Atlanta GA
VIA ... I-10 E ... I-75 S ... SR-50 E ... SR-50 W ... I-75 N

THU, 09/06/2012
~8a leave Atlanta GA
~11a arrive Greenville SC
~1p leave Greenville SC
~3p arrive Charlotte NC
~7p leave Charlotte NC
~midnight arrive Bridgewater VA
VIA ... I-85 N ... I-77 N ... I-81 N

FRI, 09/07/2012 ... Bridgewater VA area

SAT, 09/08/2012
~7a leave Bridgewater VA
~11a arrive Alexandria VA
~2p leave Alexandria VA
~4p arrive Baltimore MD
~8p leave Baltimore MD
~11p arrive Philadelphia PA
VIA ... I-81 N ... I-66 E ... I-95 N

SUN, 09/09/2012 ... Philadelphia PA/NJ/NY areas

MON, 09/10/2012
~8a leave Philadelphia PA
~noon arrive Binghamton NY
~1p leave Binghamton NY
~5p arrive Buffalo NY
VIA ... 76 W ... I-81 N ... I-90 W

TUE, 09/11/2012
~9a leave Buffalo NY
~3p arrive Holsopple PA
~7p leave Holsopple PA
~9p arrive Pittsburgh PA
VIA ... US-219 S ... I-76 W

WED, 09/12/2012
~8a leave Pittsburgh PA
~11a arrive Akron OH
~1p leave Akron OH
~5p arrive Columbus OH
VIA ... I-76 W ... I-77 S ... US-30 W ... I-71 S

THU, 09/13/2012
~8a leave Columbus OH
~11a arrive Indianapolis IN
~1p leave Indianapolis IN
~4p arrive Fort Wayne IN
~7p leave Fort Wayne IN
~10p arrive Detroit MI
VIA ... I-70 W ... I-69 N ... I-94 E

FRI, 09/14/2012
~10a leave Detroit MI
~4p arrive Traverse City MI
VIA ... I-75 N

SAT, 09/15/2012
~8a leave Traverse City MI
~4p arrive Elgin IL
VIA ... US-131 S ... I-196 S ... I-94 W ... I-294 W ... I-290 W ... US-20 W


10/2004, WEST:

08/2005, EAST:

10/2006, WEST:

11/2007, SOUTHEAST:

08/2008, EAST:

09/2009, SOUTHWEST:

DeKalb IL (LH) to Pontiac IL (Rt 66) to Springfield IL:

Springfield IL to St Louis MO:

Stanton MO to Joplin MO:

Joplin MO to Tulsa OK:

Tulsa OK to Clinton OK:

Clinton OK to Amarillo TX:

Amarillo TX to Moriarty NM:

Moriarty NM to Holbrook AZ:

Holbrook AZ to Williams AZ:

Williams AZ to Kingman AZ:

Kingman AZ to Barstow CA:

Barstow CA to Rialto/San Bernardino CA:

Rialto/San Bernardino CA to Albuquerque NM:

Albuquerque NM (Rt 66) to Kearney NE (LH)...:

Kearney NE (LH) to Elgin IL:

11/2009, SOUTH:

08/2010, NORTHEAST:


Cort | 38.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 5 MCs + 1 Caprice Classic
* POST-SURGERY PARTY = ~5:30p-10:30p, SAT, 02/11/12; Beef Villa, 1225 W Spring St, S Elgin IL *
"Wouldn't you like to get away?" __ Gary Portnoy __ 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)'
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G3GM Senior Member

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Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip Empty Re: Car thoughts, Party, Radio & 2012 Road Trip

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