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Anyone work in the oil indusrty?

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Anyone work in the oil indusrty? Empty Anyone work in the oil indusrty?

Post by Sinister Fri May 25, 2012 9:12 am

In my neighborhood,fracking is becoming quite a topic.
Signs everywhere either for or against the process.
From my time at unemployment,I've read that the average age for workers in this industry is 54 years.
Seems they are using the older,experienced,knowledgeable employees available,rather than cheap young labor (what a concept!)
I'm awaiting authorization to take some welding courses...both for the opportunities in the fracking field and for my hobbies... Wink
Anyone else work in this field,and care to give me any hints on where the money is,career wise?
I scored quite high on my reading,and math tests,so I may get a chance to do some administrative positions rather than in the field sector.
Anyone else in the eastern Ohio area looking for a career,fracking may be a great opportunity.
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