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What primer to use?

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What primer to use? Empty What primer to use?

Post by Damon23 Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:20 pm

Finally going to have a week off over the 4th and was going to put the roof of my Malibu in primer. It is going to be a while before paint so I need something that will not be affected by moisture and me driving the car in the elements. The roof is in bare metal right now and has been for a couple months now. I'll have to do a scuff job again before I spray it and I'll be spraying out of a can. Their is only a couple spots that will get body work and I assume they'll just sand off the primer in those spots and reshoot it.

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What primer to use? Empty Re: What primer to use?

Post by Joe73 Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:50 pm

2k epoxy primer !!!!!   Its the only thing that should be going on bare metal.  Scuff all the bare metal with 80 grit paper.  Then shoot the epoxy.
And when your ready to do some bodywork, just scuff the area and apply your filler ON TOP OF the epoxy !!!  You wont be sorry.  Search the internet.

Going with a spray can will be costly.  They do make a 2K epoxy in a can but its not cheap especially since your doing a large area.  I'd grab the cheap $13  harbor freight "purple" gun and borrow or rent a compressor.  Well worth your investment.  

After your done with your bodywork you will probably have gone back to bare metal in some areas.  No problem, shoot some more epoxy over everything to seal it.  Then normal painting procedures after that.

Just remember, primers are porous !!  Moisture, even morning dew, goes right through them.  You then start rusting from the inside out.  EPOXY ALL BARE METAL.  Epoxy is not porous. No issues.

I use Southern Polyurethane epoxies.  Last item on the page.
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