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Real cost of the Retrofit Overdrive

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Real cost of the Retrofit Overdrive - Page 2 Empty Re: Real cost of the Retrofit Overdrive

Post by Psychlonic Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:38 pm

lol this topic is way off base for my decision. First, it cost well under the estimate (I paid a whopping $400 for everything in 2009) and second, I DID install mine to go faster and I do. Faster acceleration and higher top speed, it's superior gearing end of story. Too much theory going on. Not too many people are bitching after the swap.

Granted installing to save gas money is iffy as these are not efficient cars anyways, but it's a noteworthy fact because you DO save gas on the highway and purring at lower RPMs is never a bad thing on your drivetrain. A mild 700r4 rebuild will handle most of what this forum is running (I know about the exceptions) and performance-wise you lose almost nothing. The minor weight gain is offset by the better gearing unless you're at the pinnacle of drag racing and last I checked nobody running a G3 is.

Just saying.

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Real cost of the Retrofit Overdrive - Page 2 Empty Re: Real cost of the Retrofit Overdrive

Post by ant7377 Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:39 pm

77mali wrote:Oh YES!  My secret 1.5L 102 hp front wheel drive, giant "whale-tale" winged Honda.
Thank you Anthony for exposing the truth.

There's nothing like stomping on the gas and hearing the pur of a retarded kitty-cat.
BTW, Lime Rock is WWWWWWWAY closer to NY than Boston.Suspect

Very Happy

Nope. Its in New England and you are in New England so in my eyes its closer to you. Laughing 
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